Cruising through a recent edition of Custom PC magazine (you know, those paper things), I found a little gem I’ve never heard of, lurking in their gaming section towards the back.


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RICO is a new first-person, buddy cop shooter from Ground Shatter Ltd, based in Bristol, UK. Apparently inspired by modern action cinema, as well as a number of games, including Virtua Cop, Action Quake, F.E.A.R. and Superhot, the announcement trailer is not subtle by any means, you’ll also need to sign in to watch it, due to the content. It looks fantastic.

The basic premise is; team up with a friend, solve a randomly generated case in 24 hours, by kicking down doors and shooting bad guys. Throw in some slow motion to make you feel like a badass. Job done.

Another welcome inclusion, aside from single player, is the full gamut of co-op support; yes, even local with shared/split screen.

Sadly, it lacks firm release date, even for PC, where it will likely appear first. It’s currently listed as “coming soon” on Steam and “Summer 2017” on the official web site.

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