Creative Christmas: Our favourite Christmas gaming memories

We’re sliding in a day late to Creative Christmas; this is a collaboration formed by community bastion Later Levels, full of tasty festive posts from a growing band of WordPress bloggers.

You’re wrapping presents while listening to cheesy festive tunes, and start to reminisce about holidays past. What’s your favourite Christmas gaming memory?

Jon: Is it cheating if I pick two? It is? Tough it’s Christmas and I want to pick two! The first would be one of my earliest gaming memory as a small child, I don’t remember the year but I’m going to take a punt at 1989/90 (oh yes, I’m old). My parents bought me and my brother a Sega Master System and we hammered Speedball for most of the day, my tiny mind was blown by the awesomeness of the Master System loading straight away, as up to this point I’d contended with the tape loading times of a Commodore 64 (which I loved), I had arrived in the future! It’s odd how I hadn’t really thought about it, but now I see the room as if it was yesterday.

My second choice would have to be 1994. My Grandparents didn’t quite understand my obsession with my Gameboy, despite my Grandad being an avid Atari player, but still they managed to provide a most excellent choice of Gameboy gaming in the Form of Zelda: “Link’s Awakening”. I’ve probably replayed this far too many times throughout my 30+ years, and still it’s a gem. It’s a good memory as it introduced me to Zelda, and the fact that although my Grandparents didn’t understand the hobby, they still did the research and picked a great game.

Cat: Getting my Sega Master System and spending the whole Christmas holiday completing Alex Kidd in Miracle world.

Dan: The first thing that came to mind was the first Christmas after we lost our Grandmother, on my Mothers side. That side of the family is quite small, so that Christmas we piled round to her old bungalow, now my Uncles residence. He’s responsible for me and both of my sisters playing video games at all, in my opinion; he introduced us to the Atari 2600, Master System, PlayStations etc. So that Christmas, he got the projector out, we all played Pro Evolution Soccer on the wall. Hard to forget!

If Jon’s gonna pick two so am I! Grandparents and Christmas is a common theme, before they passed away they lived out near Skegness in a tiny village, the perfect escape at Christmas time. The old coal fire going, they would reluctantly allow our Uncle to turn on the PlayStation, after dinner had “settled” of course, so Woop could kick his arse at various driving and fighting games, while the rest of us watched and laughed.

Dan’s Wife: Playing Rayman Raving Rabids on the Wii, with my sister. This was probably the last Christmas I spent at home too, before I met Dan, the lazy bum!

We’ve got a little something for every question from this point, we just couldn’t get that first one in time! Eleven for Twelve isn’t bad, right? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Creative Christmas: Our favourite Christmas gaming memories

  1. Goodness, if you think an 89/90 childhood was old I’m damn near ancient lol. I remember getting the NES the year it came out (1985), and my obsession with SMB2 fueled the joy I felt when I got it fur Christmas in ‘88 ❤️


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