Creative Christmas: Video Game Food

Continuing our journey for Creative Christmas; this is a collaboration formed by community bastion Later Levels, full of tasty festive posts from a growing band of WordPress bloggers.

Question: It’s now time to head out to the kitchen to put on your oven gloves and start preparing Christmas dinner. It consists solely of video game food; what’s on the menu?

Jon: It’s got to be a traditional Christmas roast, anything else is just not cricket. Although it will all be seasoned with the salty tears of my CS: GO enemies, washed down with a Mana Potion.

Dan: Pardon my ignorance, what the heck is a Mana Potion?

Jon: Not sure if serious…

Dan: I am serious. Recovering FPS addict here.

Woop: It’s a thing you use when you cast spells. DotA is a good example. Each spell/ability has a Mana cost. It’s a universal thing.

Dan: Does this explain it for the uninitiated, like me?

Woop: That’s the one, yeah.

Mick: Uh, actually, not all of them do.

Woop: lol shush, most of them do, I was trying not to confuse him.

Mick: That ship sailed a long time ago. Phoenix’s spells cost health, and some just don’t cost anything.

Dan: I’ve heard enough, there’s a reason I play Soldier 76 in Overwatch!

I’m a little bit obsessed with meatballs in Don’t Starve Together, because they’re so easy to make. That is, unless something else is distracting you from cooking, as shown in the headline image lol. Yes, that’s a giant Dragonfly.

Thinking about it, I’m a little obsessed with the cooking in general, thanks to the Crockpot and the variety of ingredients and recipes available. Half a meat and even three ice cubes will make meatballs though…

We run around screaming “Meatballs! Meatballs? I’m coming back to base, are there any meatballs?” – when we’re not distracted trying to spelunk in the caves or tame the Beefalos. You can make a meaty stew or even a turkey dinner in this game, so I guess we’re not going hungry this Christmas! For desert we’ll have some pumpkin cookies and ice cream. It is never too cold for ice cream!

Jon: Fairly certain I have this meatball talk recorded.

Dan: Chances are indeed high, it’s priority #1!

Dan’s Wife: I love Overcooked! We’ll be having turkey dinners from the Christmas DLC, but don’t let Dan near them, because he’s an arse!

Dan: I think what she means to say is, I will take the name of the game to heart, by burning everything!

Cat: Crash Bandicoot’s apples, Alex the Kidd’s rice cakes, and all the sweets from Candy Crush (more of a dessert buffet really!)

Woop: I’m adding this in after this has been published because I am ashamed of myself for not thinking about this earlier – of course my answer would be a chicken dinner from PUBG 😀 (pleased with myself for thinking of this one….)

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