Creative Christmas: New Years Eve Attire

Continuing our journey for Creative Christmas; this is a collaboration formed by community bastion Later Levels, full of tasty festive posts from a growing band of WordPress bloggers.

Question: You’ve been invited to a swanky New Year’s Eve party but have nothing suitable to wear! Which video game character do you call to ask if you can borrow an outfit?

Woop: Zoey from Left 4 Dead – I hate wearing smart, posh clothes. Give me a hoodie and a pair of jeans to wear and I’ll be happy! That and it means I’ll also be ready in case of the Zombie Apocalypse…

Jon: Agent 47 from Hitman, all the way, the man cuts a mean suit and has plenty of other clothes to wear while I borrow that fetching suit.

Dan: New Years Eve, party time! I’m going to hit up Soldier 76 from Overwatch for his rather fetching “Daredevil” outfit. I’ve attempted to grow a moustache in the past, I can tell you it does not look as good as his and I’ve never tried since haha.

Dan’s Wife: *giggles maniacally* Princess Peach! I’ll have one of her dresses, a tiara and her shoes!!!

Cat: Princess Peach 🙂

Jon: Our wives need to stop picking similar answers…

Dan: If we married princesses, does that make us princes?

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