Strategy Guide Publisher Prima Games To Close (Apparently)

Sad news today, so sad in fact I’m breaking 9 months of silence! More on that later.

Prima Games is reportedly closing doors as of next year, due to “challenging market conditions” in recent times, as reported by various news outlets. Eurogamer is where I read about it first, they’re linking to Publisher Weekly where the news originates. The echo chamber is now in full force, here I am adding to it! At the time of writing my own post about this, I can’t find any official statement from Prima Games, Penguin Random House and so on.

With the rise of the internet, YouTube and places like gamefaqs, this is not really surprising.

In the last few years, I’ve developed a habit of spending more money on strategy guides, art books and general tat for video games, than on the actual video games. Er £20 for a strategy guide, no problem! Hmm £40 for the game WHAT!? I’ll wait until its £3.75 in the Steam Sale…

Magazine subscriptions have also become something of a guilty pleasure of mine. Edge magazine in particular shines and is a very high quality publication. By the time they arrive on my doorstep, they’re already out of date, despite having just been printed.

Its only a matter of time before there’s nothing left to subscribe to and we’re all left swimming in the quagmire that is online media. Enjoy accepting those cookie consents and dismissing full screen ads!

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