For the love of a good video game trailer

Ah well, I did it again, many months has passed by since I last wrote something. At this point, there’s no sense in even apologising any more, this is just business as usual 🙂

What is my excuse for being absent this time you may wonder? Well after all the stuff that happened previously, then changing jobs and potentially going to court, because my previous employer overpaid me, all of that was not enough stress and time sinking for me.

I decided to buy a house and move again at the end of last year, instead of continuing to rent. I think the total is now 10 moves in as many years. Given the political unrest and the state of my bank balance at the time, this was definitely the right decision. My rent was £900 a month, my mortgage is £600 a month, fixed for the next five years!

We can’t avoid the elephant in the room either. This post was originally written for some time around Valentines Day, a good six weeks ago itself now. Since that time, well, the whole world has collectively lost its !@#% while we fight off a global pandemic. Never in my life has the UK government ordered me to stay in my home, sent me text messages etc. Real life is like a movie right now. Maybe watching all those zombie films over the years was a bad idea.

Enough about all that!

Later Levels was doing #LoveYourBacklog week again this year, which I didn’t have time to whip something up for, I’m not sure I’ll be able to get involved with #MaybeInMarch either. Stay tuned though, there’s news coming about other community developments coming soon. Something I’m quite excited about and sort of responsible for kicking off.

I’m going to write here about something else I love instead though, video game related of course, several weeks after it was relevant 🙂

I love a good video game trailer. I’m referring to the kind of video game trailer which gets you hyped for a game before release, something which stirs up the anticipation you feel when the date is finally announced, or maybe its the first time you’ve seen gameplay at all, the graphics, a bit of story or all of those things.

I’m also referring to the kind of trailer which lives on way beyond the release of the game. Maybe even long after you’ve finished or even played, but you can’t help revisiting the trailer once in a while, to rekindle your love for the game.

Here’s a few trailers I personally love and still watch, when I have a few minutes to spare. They’re heavily weighted towards first-person shooters or action games, because my indie education continues. Also, action makes for the best trailers in my opinion!

I’ve been playing GTA Online since it was released. How far we’ve come, I think I prefer it without the flying bikes and cars. It was a simpler time.
I’m more of a Battlefield kinda guy than Call of Duty, this trailer and instalment of the game is a big reason why. Also, real war and violence is bad folks. That aside, “Get down on the ground, I SAID GET DOWN ON THE GROUND!”
This one still makes me feel all tingly about cars and Forza, another perfect use of music
Over 500 hours later, with more still to explore, I don’t regret watching this trailer so many times, I only wish it had convinced me to buy the game sooner.
What is left to say, this is probably my favourite game ever, but also a daft trailer. There’s lots of daft Borderlands trailers and the intro videos for the first two games are also noteworthy.
Seizure warning! The hype was real, this trailer is amazing, the base games’ story/writing was absolute garbage. If you play for the shloot, get hyped by this trailer. I’m going to sulk in a corner and play Borderlands 2 forever.
The first proper sight we had of this game, things have already changed since this reveal, by the time it comes out, this trailer will be over two years old. I CAN WAIT CDPR, you can’t rush perfection.

Do you still go back and watch old video game trailers, or am I in a minority here? Judging by the YouTube comments in a lot of them, people do still go back when the game is relevant again for whatever reason. Good old nostalgia!

If you have any favourites, I’d love to hear about them in the comments, maybe I’ll even discover something new. As you can see above, my own palette is quite limited to pretty much FPS 😀


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