Go-Go Trophy Hunter: My First Platinum

It all started with a conversation one evening with Phil from Later Levels. “What is the appeal with trophy hunting?” I asked. The answers came thick and fast, but the one which sticks in my mind the most is “I would never have played these games as much I have if it weren’t for the trophies.”

I like to get my monies worth too, but killing a hundred virtual pigeons? Picking up 100 pieces of paper in an open world map? Hmm. Sounds like busywork.

Then the subject cropped up time and again, with Solarayo from Ace Asunder also showing us the light. Let’s just say, she’s got a few trophies of her own…

It was becoming such a hot topic, Later Levels dedicated a Save Point chat show topic to trophy and achievement hunting, which was a great stream if you missed it. Fair warning though, there was also lots of talk about roast potatoes haha.

What is a platinum trophy?

Trophies on PlayStation are awarded for doing stuff in a game, like completing a chapter, eliminating a certain number of enemies. It’s really up to the developer.

A platinum trophy is awarded when you’ve earned all of the other trophies in a game.

Many other platforms have similar systems by different names, such as Achievements on Xbox or Steam.

Finding the right game to test the waters

I wrote some of my thoughts about Marvel’s Spider-Man once I finished the main story, I’ve since completed the DLC too, such a great game folks.

A few things then happened, which were never my intention:

  • I replayed the game immediately with the New Game+ mode, the first platinum requirement; I usually wait months or even years before doing this, but I was still really enjoying the game
  • All the talk of trophies led me to play Ultimate difficulty, another requirement for the platinum trophy, I figured if I was replaying, I may as well attempt all the trophies
  • Heck, I even streamed the whole thing too, which isn’t something I’ve really announced, but yes, nowisgames.com is now streaming, just like everyone else seems to be 🙂

There was one thing about Spider-Man that made me do all of these things above, going for that coveted first platinum trophy, despite a lifelong ignorance and disinterest in the pursuit; it seemed entirely possible.

Play the game and get rewarded

Studying the requirements and matching them against my experience of the game, I believed it was possible without much deviation from enjoying the game a second time around.

There’s no multiplayer, so no problem having to rely on randoms. No over-the-top requirement to collect 100 bits of paper or some other trinket, the numbers were sensible and the targets all easily reachable. The only real stumbling block, the ultimate difficulty. Would I be able to see that through to the end?

Don’t be so difficult!

I seldom play video games on the hardest difficulty available, I usually go mid-range or straight in for easy. There’s no shame as far as I’m concerned, there’s also a big reason for that, which is time.

I don’t have as much time available as I used to for playing video games, real-life and all that, it sort of gets in the way, so I consider my time valuable for this hobby. I can manage the harder difficulties, depending on the game, I just choose not to unless I really want to be challenged and have the time and patience for it.

So I practised Ultimate difficulty a little, without much bother, then set about my journey towards those final two trophies, believing it was all possible. That shiny platinum trophy would be mine.

Relying heavily on the gadgets available in the game, as well as the haphazard fighting style I’d developed throughout my first playthrough, I settled into a groove that served me well, until the last enemy faction was introduced.

Those guys are heavily armoured and shoot you, a lot, with rockets and snipers. They were quite challenging at times, but after a bit of practice again off-stream, I ploughed through the remainder of the game.

By the end, I was very much doing it for the trophies, I was ready to move on and replay the game some other time, likely shortly before Spider-Man 2 comes along.

How can I get into this too?

Marvel’s Spider-Man is an excellent choice for your first platinum trophy in my opinion, or “easy” platinum if you’re a seasoned professional like Phil and Solarayo.

Ultimate difficulty is not as difficult as the name suggests, by the time you reach New Game+, you’ve likely unlocked everything you’ll need to tackle the game on that difficulty, which is to say all of the suits and gadgets. You’ll need them, trust me!

I would suggest using PSN Profiles to look at your own profile and find something you’ll enjoy investing that time and effort into. Don’t bother trying to navigate the PlayStation user interface, it will take too long for this 😀

Does this make me a trophy/achievement hunter?

I’m not sure it does, in the traditional sense. I’ve never gone out of my way to get the platinum in any of the games I own, nor do I have any intention of doing that.

I was burned by Valve having achieved 100% completion of Left 4 Dead when they released DLC with multiplayer trophies, which I was just never going to get. Since then, I’ve never really bothered.

But there is a certain sense of satisfaction from seeing 100% against the game…

Which game is next then?

OK, you’ve got me despite what I said before, I’m already looking for my next platinum trophy. Research suggests I’m not a million miles away from the platinum in Horizon Zero Dawn, after one playthrough two years ago. I skipped the hunting lodge stuff and there’s a quest line I can replay without doing the whole game.

With the PS5 close and HZD2 probably on the way in the next couple of years, I think this is one I’m going to try and tick off the list.

I’ve also pumped so many hours into Borderlands 2 I feel like I should invest some more time and effort into getting all the achievements on that too if I can. We’ll see!

In summary, I wouldn’t call myself a trophy/achievement hunter, but I am definitely paying more attention to them now than I was previously.

How do you feel about trophies and achievements? Is there a platinum trophy or an achievement you’re especially proud of? Let me know in the comments.

Update: I screwed up when I was writing the post, NG+ and Ultimate difficulty aren’t requirements for the platinum trophy in Spider-Man. At the time, I was just trying to get all possible trophies available, which I managed to do by the end of the NG+Ult playthrough!

11 thoughts on “Go-Go Trophy Hunter: My First Platinum

  1. If it helps – Spider-Man is one of the most common Platinum trophies, so you can avoid that trophy hunter label if needed!

    They clearly designed the game so the Plat doesn’t require too much commitment allowing most players that enjoy the game to obtain it without contributing tens of hours to the cause.

    I started AC Odyssey to get 100% of the trophies and its an awesome game, but apparently will take 126 hours to get everything… Origins was 82 hours in comparison.

    What would you say to 100% AC Odyssey Dan?

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    1. I noticed the stats on PSN Profiles and saw the same thing, people who play Spider-Man really enjoy it, like I did, is my guess.

      The rate of completion/platinum is quite high, although the majority seem to be prior to the New Game+ mode and ultimate difficulty being added?

      I’ve only ever played 2 hours of Assasin’s Creed 1, it wasn’t for me. Although with the RPG aspects they’ve started to introduce, I wonder if the more recent games would be of more interest.

      To the platinum I would say, probably not, 120 ish hours might be the average for platinum hunters or serious players, but you’ve seen me play games, I’m not that quick haha. I just wouldn’t have time!

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      1. The base game contains the Platinum and the DLCs are their own lists which don’t become part of the requirement for the Platinum trophy. I’ll never 100% Uncharted 4 because of the mega hard survival mode MP DLC but I will get the Plat for example.

        I never liked Assassin’s Creed either, just found the first one dull and never went back. But Origins and Odyssey are completely different, the combat is brilliant and the whole thing is very fluid. I don’t think Ive found any other game with such a grand scale and so much detail.

        Ubisoft seem to just throw hundreds of devs at a game ending up with something so grand its beyond belief! You would expect some kind of AI randomly generating the world but running around all the locations it feels very hand crafted and there are some beautiful vistas. Can’t wait for Valhalla!

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      2. I really like the way Sony have implemented trophies, especially the way DLC is split off from the main game. It’s a very tidy solution.

        Valhalla does look exciting, although I don’t think we’ve seen any proper gameplay yet? I certainly haven’t. Origins and Odyssey are where I started to pay attention again, they do look very different from the start of the series. I don’t think I’ll have the time so I must admire from afar 🙂

        That is exactly what Ubisoft does, that probably also the reason their games are all so similar as well, but I guess it sells, otherwise they wouldn’t keep churning it all out!

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      3. Oh I just remembered an aspect of trophy hunting that might give you a chuckle – I have a second account on PS4 for games where I won’t aim to earn the trophies so that it doesn’t impact the completion percentage of my main account! Currently playing The Last of Us this way…

        Think of the completion percentage as an incentive for attacking your backlog!

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    2. Also I’ve just noticed I messed up when I was writing the post yesterday, NG+ and Ultimate is not a requirement for the platinum in Spider-Man, I was just trying to do the platinum and all trophies at the same time, rather than stop at the platinum. I’m still going back in at some point to 100% the main game and all the DLC in the game though, I don’t feel like its “finished” until I do that, despite what the trophies say haha.

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  2. Nice work! Other platinum trophies that aren’t terribly difficult would be Horizon: Zero Dawn, God of War, and Control. AC: Origins wasn’t too difficult, it was more time-consuming. I don’t usually go for platinums that force you to play through the game on every single difficulty(every Naughty Dog game).

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    1. Glad to hear God of War could be a possibility, because I picked that up recently. I’ll definitely play that with trophies in mind if I can.

      Control will probably be an Xbox purchase for me, so I can play on Series X.

      Actually I tend to only use the PlayStation for exclusives, so perhaps that limits my trophy hunting options already!

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    1. My completion rate is 27%, but I’d attribute that to owning so few games on PlayStation. I doubt it will get much higher, since there’s PS3 titles I don’t even have any more… maybe Phil’s multiple account approach is the way forward 😆


      1. Then you would have to 100% Spider-Man again 😉

        27% doesn’t sound too bad though. I’m just guessing that mine will be like 10% and I play way less PS than Xbox haha and only have a PS4.


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