Watching Multiple Twitch Streams With

With so many people streaming these days, there are often times when I end up trying to watch multiple streams at the same time.

What started as a few overlaps, maybe 20 minutes here, an hour there, a couple of people at a time, tonight I find myself watching 4 streams. The same thing happened last night for a short while as well.

A few weeks ago, while looking for a solution to this, I found a site called, which greatly simplifies the process of watching multiple Twitch streams.

  1. Open a browser window and log into as usual
  2. In the address bar, go to and then enter the channel names you would like to watch
  3. Experiment with the layout to your liking, you can cycle through the windows, have one chat with a dropdown for the list of channels
The end result, definitely worth a quick go.

By hovering over a feed, you can refresh just that feed, or remove it, view the channel profile or mute all audio apart from that single feed. You can also switch both the chat and audio to that feed.

Any URL you have in the address bar can be used by others to copy your layout. For example, the feed about is:

You’ll see me posting these layout links in the #stream-shoutouts channel on the Support Role Discord.

Realistically, this is more useful if you’re trying to watch two streams because it’s completely possible to fully engage in that many streams, in my opinion. Once you hit three or more, you can have a presence and jump around, but it starts to get difficult to keep up. Maybe you’re better at multi-tasking than I am though!

Yes, you could just use multiple browser windows or tabs, but I’ve found this to use slightly less resource, removes Twitch clutter and provides a simpler way all round to engage with multiple streams.

Happy viewing!

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